Registered Massage Therapy

* Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Prenatal or Postnatal Massage
* Infant Massage and Training- 30 mins
* Indian Head Massage- 30 mins
* Cupping Massage- 30 mins or 45 mins

Session DurationFee
30 minutes$55
45 minutes$75
60 minutes$90
75 minutes$107
90 minutes$124

* Plus HST

Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage

Session DurationFee
60 minutes$110

* Plus HST

Manual Osteopathy

* Please check with your insurance company which associations they accept prior to making an appointment.

* Direct Billing for Manual Osteopathy services is only available through Green Shield.

* Please wear loose clothing to all Osteopathy appointments.

Session DurationFee
Initial Assessment + Treatment (90 minutes)$180
Follow-up Treatment (90 minutes)$180
Follow-up Treatment (60 minutes)$135

* Plus HST


Session DurationFee
Initial Assessment (75 minutes)$120
Follow-up Treatment (20-30 minutes)$70

Chiropractic and Acupuncture

Session DurationFee
Initial Assessment (75 minutes)$125
Follow-up Treatment (45 minutes)$95


Session DurationFee
Initial Assessment (60 minutes)$110
Follow-up Treatment (45 minutes)$85
Follow-up Treatment (20-30 minutes)$75

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

* Billed under Physiotherapy

Session DurationFee
Initial Assessment (60 minutes)$135.00
Follow-up Treatments (30-45 minutes)$100.00

Registered Acupuncture

Session DurationFee
Initial Assessment (90 minutes)$130
Follow-up Treatments (60 minutes)$95

Tui Na Massage

60 minutes$120


* Modalities are extra charges on top of visit (Acupuncture and Manipulation)
* Modalities are different rates provided by the Naturopathic Doctor

Session DurationFee
Initial Assessment (60 minutes)$150.00
Follow-up Treatment (45 minutes)$135.00

Certified Reflexology

Session DurationFee
60 minutes (Foot)$75

* Plus HST

Medical Aesthetics

Session DurationFee
Dermaplaning (75 minutes)$130.00
Teeth Whitening (75 minutes)$99.00

* Plus HST

Gift Certificates Available!

*Fees are subject to change without notice