Registered Massage Therapy (RMT)

woman receiving massage therapy

Massage Therapy dates back to about 3000 years and is hence one of the ancient arts of healing ever practiced. Many chronic illnesses are eased and healed by massage therapies. These conditions include pains in lower back or upper back, Fibromyalgia, fatigue, arthritis, diabetes, bursitis, high blood pressure conditions, depression, lack of immunity and many more. In fact, massage helps release the very core reason that causes all these diseases: Stress. This is a known and widely accepted fact that millions of people confirm.

Our massage clinic offers a wide range of massage therapies that will suit all your needs and requirements. Our wide range has everything from a relaxing and comforting Swedish massage to a pain relieving soothing neuromuscular massage. Below is a list and short description of each type of massage therapies that we offer:

Deep tissue massage

A massage therapy that is focused on more than just external relaxation is our deep tissue massage therapy. This therapy is aimed towards healing much deeper layers of muscles as well as connective tissue. Deep tissue massage therapy is especially vital for very tense as well as contracted areas like upper and lower back tightness, stiff necks or sore shoulders.

Trigger point therapy

A trigger point or a myofascial trigger point is a sore spot on the muscles. Their size is big enough to be felt and some people also call them muscle knots. The trigger point therapy applies pressure to the muscles in order to ease pain and correct the functioning of the muscles in these points.

Myofascial release Therapy

This technique releases tightness in fascia (Connective tissue) and reduces painful soft tissue dysfunction. It improves blood flow and lymphatic circulation.

Swedish massage

The Swedish massage therapy is designed to relax the whole body. This technique involves rubbing and massaging the muscles with strokes that are long and are in the direction of blood flow. Swedish massage therapy increases the oxygen level in blood. It also decreases toxins in muscles and improves flexibility of the body as well as circulation of blood while it relaxes the body.

Prenatal massage

There are several undesirable conditions that take place during pregnancy due to changes in levels of hormones like back pains, stress on joints that bear weight, edema, anxiety, depression and leg cramps etc. An effective solution to reduce and ease all these undesirable pains and stress is a prenatal massage during pregnancy. This massage therapy ensures proper lymph circulation as well as blood flow accounting for an overall wellness for body.