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Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain- Part 1

If you are suffering from chronic, non-specific back pain, Ultimate Health Clinic recommends seeking chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic is a non-invasive, hands-on health care discipline that focuses on a person’s musculoskeletal system. After initial intensive manipulative therapy with a chiropractor, a patient’s overall results can be enhanced further by obtaining maintenance spinal manipulation. The main way chiropractors treat common back ailments is through manual therapies, such as:

Mobilization – This form of manipulation is performed at a low velocity.  It also involves stretching and moving the joints and muscles, with the ultimate goal of increasing the range of motion in the treatment area.

Manual and Spinal Manipulation – This form of manipulation is performed at a high velocity. The chiropractor will apply a short lever arm thrust to the vertebra that has been identified as being abnormal. The goal of this therapy is to improve the functionality in the affected areas. When the area is improved, there will be less nerve irritability. The range of motion in the back will also be restored. This procedure is most often referred to as a chiropractic adjustment.

There are many studies that support chiropractic treatment for back pain. Additionally, a high number of back treatment guidelines list chiropractic manipulation as one of the best early treatments for back pain issues.

What Is A Chiropractic Adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is a therapeutic treatment for back pain. It is often referred to as manual manipulation, chiropractic manipulation, or spinal manipulation. The ultimate goal is to adjust the abnormal vertebrae so that they function properly.

By adjusting these vertebrae, the amount of subluxation (misalignment) is reduced, which improves the overall range of motion. The therapy also reduces the amount of irritability in the nerve and improves nerve function.

What to Expect During a Chiropractic Adjustment

When you visit a chiropractor for an adjustment, you can expect to experience:

  • A short lever arm thrust to the vertebra delivered at a high velocity
  • A release of gas called joint cavitation. This makes a sound that resembles a loud pop. It is due to oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen being released from the treatment area, which removes joint pressure.
  • A soothing sensation of relief. However, in rare cases, a small amount of temporary discomfort may occur if there is muscle spasm surrounding the treatment area.

Though audible cracking of the joints is common, it doesn’t always occur. If the patient is not properly relaxed or if there is significant muscle splinting during the procedure, this may prevent the cracking. In these instances, a chiropractor typically encourages rest while ice is applied or performs electric stimulation before the adjustment procedure.

In addition to adjustment, chiropractors may employ other methods to help relieve back pain. Therapies that include water, heat, cold, light, exercise, and massage are very effective physiological measures used to help manage pain.

How We Can Help

You don’t have to continue to suffer with your chronic back pain. Instead, come see the chiropractor at Ultimate Health Clinic today. Contact us today at (905) 251-0162 for more information on our services.

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