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Managing Your Stress Through Chiropractic Care

This year has been one that is full of fear, change, and of course, stress. Due to the Pandemic and other changes in the world, the amount of stress has increased tenfold. Managing stress is a normal part of being alive but requires active attention to keep it under control. There are a few ways to handle stress, and chiropractic care is one of them. Ultimate Health Clinic will discuss how our chiropractors in East Gwillimbury can help you manage stress in ways that are highly beneficial. 

Side Effects and Symptoms of Stress

Unmanaged stress can cause you to feel anxious, angry, overwhelmed, depressed, tired, and irritable. In addition to these, your body will also experience physical side effects of constant stress. 

The musculoskeletal system will remain in a state of contraction and tension. This can lead to migraines, soreness, and other issues. Your respiratory system is also affected when under high amounts of stress. These bouts can result in panic attacks, rapid breathing, and more. Your heart is also affected during these moments; stress increases your heart rate and the level of inflammation in your arteries. If this is left unchecked, it can increase your chances of having a stroke. 

Stress causes an increase in cortisol which increases the chance of developing diabetes or heart disease. When a person is under stress it alerts their body that they are under threat, essentially placing your nervous system into a fight or flight mode that increases certain hormones. This can cause your body to go into shock if your stress is not properly managed. 

Physical Side Effects of Stress

Stress can cause many physical symptoms as well. Chest pain, loss of sleep, digestive problems, and muscle aches are all common side effects. Your heart is the organ affected the most which can lead to a whole host of dangerous problems. When your body is in fight or flight mode, your heart rate increases and if the fluctuation is not controlled, it can lead to various heart conditions. 

Chiropractic treatments have been used to help manage the heart rate and heart rate variability in a way that reduces strain on this organ. Chiropractic care is best known for neck and back pain relief, but treatment goes well beyond those two areas. It can help you deal with stress more effectively and have a positive effect on your overall health. 

Using Chiropractic Care to Manage Stress

The use of chiropractic care increases the ability of the body to heal itself. Undergoing periodic adjustments will help to reduce stress and the side effects of long-term stress management. Muscle tension is one of the leading side effects which can cause problems with your central nervous system and spinal health. When these areas are not functioning optimally, your immune system and other bodily functions will also be less efficient. Managing these emotions by relieving muscle tension through proper chiropractic care will help you manage stress and allow your body to heal. If you are interested in learning more about our chiropractic care services that target the effects of stress, give Ultimate Health Clinic a call at 905-251-0162.

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