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The Many Benefits of Physical Therapy During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has been stressful for both individuals and communities as a whole. Being anxious about the novel coronavirus is not only normal but expected. In addition to worrying about keeping yourself and your family healthy, other concerns centre on the future. Strong emotions in adults and children are common in times of strife and uncertainty. It is also important to keep in mind that everyone has different reactions to tense situations. Below, Ultimate Health Clinic explains how physical therapy can benefit our psychological and physical health during these stressful times.

Different Reactions for Different People

How a person’s reactions and emotions are affected during an unusual situation depends on a wide assortment of factors. The availability of local resources, economic circumstances, personal characteristics, past experiences, and even social standing all play a role in their reactions.

Feeling upset, confused, sad, or even scared are all normal reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some signs, however, may suggest that a person is suffering from severe emotional distress. Signs such as interpersonal problems, persistent insomnia, increased use of alcohol or drugs, and disabling fear indicate that it is time to seek professional help.

Common Reactions During an Outbreak

There are many reactions that are considered normal during an infectious outbreak that a person may not experience during regular circumstances, while others can lead to problems in the future. Some reactions you may feel include:

  • Fear about exposure to COVID-19
  • Changes to eating patterns
  • Trouble sleeping or concentrating
  • Assuming normal health symptoms are COVID-19 related
  • Alterations in sleep patterns
  • Increase use of tobacco, alcohol, or recreational substances
  • Chronic health issues worsening
  • Feelings of depression and isolation
  • Ideas that you are helpless or lonely
  • Excessive boredom
  • Distress from watching or hearing about current events

Some of these reactions are caused by understanding the threat of the infectious outbreak, while others are simply a result of misinformation.

Some of these fears and reactions spring from a realistic understanding of the dangers. Many reactions and behaviours are also fed by rumours and misinformation. All reactions are not negative, however. Many people feel proud of their resilience and ability to cope or in their contribution to their community.

Psychological Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy offers a wide range of physical benefits, but it also offers psychological benefits, especially during times of extreme stress. Some benefits include:

  • Improve Sleep – Many therapies help restore the natural balance, which allows people to sleep peacefully. Physical therapy helps to rid the body of deeply rooted stress. The result is a smoother transition into sleep and a more restful sleep cycle.
  • Energy Boosting – Physical therapy taps into the energy flow of the body and manipulates it. This manipulation allows for blockages to be cleared, which promotes a general state of wellbeing. When you feel well, your body naturally produces more energy.
  • Reduces Anxiety – Your body tends to hold stress in the muscle tissues. Physical therapy helps to realign your muscles and clear the pathways which send a signal to your mind that the anxiety no longer exists.
  • Banish Fatigue – It is normal for your muscles to hold onto fatigue. Engaging in physical therapy helps your body to reboot and let go of that fatigue over typical problematic areas. Through therapy, fatigue is reduced, and the body is encouraged to produce energy.

Health Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy offers a range of mental and physical benefits that can help many find peace during these stressful times. Some benefits are:

  • Pain Relief – Physical therapy is a direct manipulation of areas of the body where problems exist. Instead of using medications, therapy targets the issues directly via holistic means. The muscles are relieved, and the system resets.
  • Better Circulation – The muscles and the circulatory system are intertwined. By restoring function to the muscles, the blood vessels are opened, and blood flow is increased.
  • Improved Mobility – Repetitive activity can set the body in a manner that limits a person’s range of motion. Physical therapy uses techniques that wake up and stretch muscles. The result is an improved range of motion system-wide.
  • System Detox – Our bodies often hold onto toxins in certain areas of the body. This can be due to strain or as a result of trauma. Working the muscles helps to remove toxins from these areas where the body can get rid of them.
  • Increased Relaxation – When your circulatory system and muscular system are working efficiently, they send a signal to your brain that all is well. As a result, when the body is relaxed, your brain can be relaxed, which triggers a release of positive chemicals in the body.

How We Can Help

The COVID-19 pandemic is tough on us all, but with physical therapy, you can help maintain your health. If you have any additional questions or are interested in booking an appointment for chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, or physiotherapy in East Gwillimbury, give Ultimate Health Clinic a call at (905) 251-0162 today.

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