sports injuries and how physiotherapy can help

The Purpose of Physiotherapy for Sports Injuries

Recreational players and professional athletes alike are passionate about their sport. For many, it plays a huge part in their daily life, so it comes as a large inconvenience when injuries take place. This is when physiotherapy for sports injuries can go a long way, and ultimately help in speeding up the process of recovery by a significant margin.

Sports Injury Therapy – What is it?

Sports injury therapy is a treatment that is specialized and specifically made to heal sport-related injuries and in turn, help recover the optimum level of overall strength, coordination, and mobility that is required out of the physically intensive performance for sports. Most times it will combine a number of different physio techniques. The primary goal of this type of treatment is to get you back into perfect shape, in a quick and safe manner.

How Does it Help?

There are many ways in which this type of physiotherapy helps with certain sports injuries. Issues such as strains in the muscle, all the way to dislocations and fractures, this method deems itself as highly effective. It works by using both strength and flexibility treatments to improve overall physical health. This type of physio helps patients, guiding them every step of the way until they reach desired recovery. This type of treatment is tailored directly to the patient’s needs. Their injury and sport are analyzed and treated to a specific and customized degree accordingly.

What is the Difference Between Regular Physio and Sport Injury Rehab?

Both of these treatments share similar end results and goals, with the relevance to recovery and healing overall. This is most prevalent in the beginning stages, where the main purpose is to relieve pain and enforce rehabilitation. Our specialists will focus on firstly recovering the skills needed to perform daily tasks. The treatment may only be seen as successful when you have firstly regained the normal functions.

The main difference between these therapies is the level of treatment needed. Whereas regular physio mainly focuses on recovering functionality of the normal human activity, sports injury rehab ensures that your body regains all of its power for the next upcoming game or tournament. These activities involve more intensive physical activity; therefore, the treatment will adhere to that goal.

Here at Ultimate Health Clinic, we understand that at one point you held a high level of fitness prior to your injury. Because of this, we will make sure to implement a recovery program specifically catered to your injury and type of sport played. This type of treatment will reinforce your normal routines to regain that energy that was once so prevalent. 

The Stages of Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation process involves three main stages:

  1. Treatment of Pain & Inflammation

Our therapists will likely use different types of assistive devices, as well as modalities to help stabilize the affected area. The main objective of this stage is to reduce as much pain and swelling as humanly possible.

  1. Low Level Therapeutic Exercises

This stage includes the implementation of therapeutic exercises that help regain the normal range of motion in your body, as well as strength. In this stage, the specialist will often use body weight resistance to assist in overall improvement of movement. There will most likely be specific points that are targeted through the act of myofascial release or massage therapy to recover the range of overall mobility.

  1. Recovering Athletic Skills

In the final stage of recovery, the therapist will aim to regain all of your athletic skills you had prior by using a variety of techniques that focus on balance, flexibility, strength and coordination. This is when sport-related exercises will enter the mix so that the affected area can re-learn how to properly move, the way it used to before the injury took place. You will also be taught about new techniques on how to protect your muscles and joints that are susceptible to injury.

How Long is the Recovery Process Overall?

There is no exact time frame for this type of recovery, as it depends on the type of sport played, severity of injury and placement of injury. It even boils down to the skill level played in said sport. Recovery time will also be affected on how seriously you stick to your rehabilitation plan. It must be known that by either trying to intensify your training regimen, or starting activity again too early, it can be extremely detrimental and lengthen the overall time of recovery.

How We Can Help

At Ultimate Health Clinic, you can be sure that our therapists will set only the most realistic goals in order for you to achieve the shortest recovery time and the best results. We will work closely with you and your injury to ensure success, and make sure to come up with a plan specifically catered to you and your needs. If you would like to learn more about or Physiotherapy in East Gwillimbury and how it can help recover your physical state, be sure to give us a call at 905-251-0162.
We look forward to speaking with you and helping you heal from your sports related injury.

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