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8 Reasons You Should See a Physiotherapist

Prevents Injury

More often than not, athletes are in good communication with their physiotherapist, whereas the regular adult may not be. Physiotherapists specialize in preventing injuries, and this entails posture adjusting, and patterns of certain movements to help reduce the risk of future injuries.

Adults will commonly look for help from a physiotherapist when it comes to rehabilitation and recovering an injury. The specialist will guide you every step of the way, assisting you in regaining your strength and teaching you things to do in order to prevent further risk of injury. Most people would much rather prevent an injury than hurt themselves and look for a cure after the fact, so getting general advice from a physiotherapist before starting a new gym routine or physical activity is always a great idea. These specialists are taught to understand how exercise goals work, and how to have you perform them safely.

When you first visit a physiotherapist for injury prevention, you will be examined thoroughly. There will be questions to figure out your previous history in both health and physical exercise, as well as your current situation and any future goals you wish to achieve. The physical assessment takes place after the first step, and helps point out any bodily weaknesses that need attention. Once you have been looked at and diagnosed, your specialist will plan out a way to help you succeed in your achievements and prevent future injuries.

If you are susceptible to getting injured, it is a good idea to look for physio help as soon as possible. It will in turn save you a lot of time, money and pain.

Improves Posture

There are a myriad of reasons as to why you may be having recurring injuries/pains popping up left and right, but one of the most critical reasons to acknowledge is your body’s posture.

It is extremely common for many people to ignore the general state of their posture. If you begin to notice pain in your neck, back and legs then it is most likely due to improper posture. This is most prevalent when you are at work, sitting at a desk.

Did you also know that one of the most common reasons you receive headaches throughout the day is because of bad posture as well? Luckily, a physiotherapist can also help in this aspect. They help you become more aware of your posture throughout the day, provide advice on how to set up your work equipment and overall improve the function of your muscles that are in charge of your posture to reduce pain.

In terms of improving the body’s overall position, a specialist will develop exercises catered to your needs, in order to strengthen the postural muscles to help the healing process overall.

Reduces Overall Body Pain

Widespread pain around the body can be linked to medical conditions such as hypermobility, systemic rheumatological diseases, fibromyalgia and many others. Physiotherapy can do a lot to reduce any type of generalized pain within the body, regardless of how it happens and what condition you may have.

Specialists use what is known as “healing hands” (techniques that are hands-on) to reduce pain by pinpointing certain areas and stimulating the nerve pathways within them to be less sensitive. They also teach patients about certain tips and tricks, such as ways to cope with fatigue, how to best balance your everyday chores/physical activities, and most importantly, teach you how to do the things you love properly. Graduated exercise programs help greatly in reducing overall pain and gaining better fitness and strength techniques. Physiotherapists not only have a physical benefit in your life, but very often a mental one as well, as the mind and body are connected.

It is important to acknowledge that pain levels do not need to be excruciating/unbearable in order to see a physiotherapist. It is best to see a specialist in this field when you are experiencing more low-level pains/headaches, this way the problems don’t drag on for months or years until they eventually get too difficult to handle. Seek Physiotherapy in East Gwillimbury today to alleviate the pain you’re feeling now instead of later.

Encourages Stretching & Flexibility

Sitting at your desk all day for work, without stretching, takes a serious toll on your body. These long periods of sitting down can often cause tightness in your lower back and hamstring muscles. It is extremely important to take breaks to get up and move every now and then as well as stretch to reduce the risk of work-related aches and pains. It is also important for your general health on a larger scale to do this. If you spend large amounts of time at your job typing, then it is seen as beneficial to stretch both your forearms and your wrist muscles throughout the day. This reduces the risk of arm aches, as well as carpal tunnel. If you experience neck aches, look into stretching programs that loosen the muscles in your neck that move your head.

Helps Heal from Surgical Procedures

One of the services that are less known in physiotherapy is the benefit that it has to healing from complicated surgeries. In many cases of important surgeries, you may not be allowed to engage in any sort of physical activity for a specific amount of time afterward. This will most likely result in a large loss of physical fitness and increase in muscle weakness. This will make entering your normal activities in the future much more difficult.

Getting help from a physiotherapist when you’re trying to heal from a surgical procedure is a good idea. They will work closely with you and your specific situation, helping improve your overall body strength and fitness patterns in a safe and effective way.

Manages Your Disease

In many cases, people are often diagnosed with a disease and it can not be fully cured, but rather managed and treated with medication. Type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis and heart disease are all medical conditions in which they are able to manage their problem, but unable to fix it entirely. When it comes to these situations, a physiotherapist will take you through an exercise program that will work both safely and in your favour. This will all be based upon your overall diagnosis, as well as the findings they discovered based on your prior examination.

Physiotherapy can be extremely beneficial in this type of situation, because it can in some cases, give patients the ability to cut back on certain medications prescribed by their doctors. It is important to acknowledge, however, that one should always consult their doctor before including physiotherapy into your disease management plan to ensure that it is the right next step for you.

Helps with Physical Limitations

Many people can be born with physical limitations due to an underlying condition at birth. In other situations, they can start at youth, as you age, due to a car accident, and many more factors. Physiotherapists happen to be highly skilled when it comes to these types of conditions. They can help improve your overall limitations and help you in managing them.

A specialist will most often help to train specific muscle groups and improve mobility to make daily life easier to manage, but it is important to note that they are also highly skilled at working with devices, braces, and a variety of health-related accessories you may be using for your condition.

Helps with Recovery from Hip or Knee Replacements

If there is any reason to see a physiotherapist, then this is most often seen as the best reason to. Physiotherapists work on a regular basis with patients who have been through both knee and hip replacement surgeries. There are two main things that a specialist can do in these types of situations.

  • Pre-Rehabilitation – This involves exercising one to two months before the surgery takes place to help you in recovering from your surgery quicker afterwards.
  • Post-Rehabilitation – This type is essential to get your joints back to their normal function they were once at before, but without any of the pain.

If you are either going to get knee/hip replacement surgery or are considering it, it is highly recommended that you call a physiotherapist office to see what they can do to help you.

How We Can Help

If you are in any type of pain, and are curious about looking into physiotherapy services, we recommend you check out ours at Ultimate Health Clinic. We offer a recovery plan that is specifically catered to you and your bodily needs. We will be there every step of the way to help recover, strengthen and alleviate any pain and discomfort you are feeling. When you feel your best, you are ready to take on the world and all of its challenges, so why not work with our services today? To learn more, call us at 905-251-0162. 

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